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Years of Service!

Vermont JCI Senate President's Message

Current Officers:

July 2020

As I write this, we will be headed to our Annual Picnic in Randolph in several weeks. With all the issues with the Covid – 19 virus, we ( the Executive Board ) debated long and hard as to if we should we go forward with one of our largest meetings each year. Ultimately we decided that by exercising many cautions, we could have a successful meeting. We plan on social distancing, wearing masks, having hand sanitizer available and any other suggestions of the people in charge at the VT Health Department. We look forward to seeing many of our fellow members, and possibly some friends from out of state. We look forward to another great meal catered by our resident chef Senator Steve Rowe #40470 and his wife JoAnn, FR 73, along with their daughter Katherine.

Next up for the VT JCI Senate will be hosting the 40th Fall Frolic, October 23 – 26, in Stowe, at The Commodores Inn. See the article further back in website for info on the Fall Frolic.

Presently we are hoping to have a meeting shortly after the 1st of the year in a location TBD. Then in May we will have our Annual Meeting at another site TBD.

I would like to thank our COB, and newly elected Region 1 VP, Rosaire Longe #28291 for all his help the last 2 years. After having been away from the VT Senate for many years, I found that many thing have changed over the years. I would also like to thank my Board of Directors, for all their help these past two years, especially my wife Ann, who I couldn’t do this job without.

I look forward to seeing many of our members who have not attended a meeting for some time. As one who was away for many years, I realize what I was missing. The sense of family is immeasurable. I look forward to seeing more of my missing family at a meeting soon.

Steven Edgerley #28971