Celebrating 50 Years
of Service!

Vermont JCI Senate President's Message

Current Officers:

A new VT JCI Senate year is upon us and much lies ahead for us to work on together. I would first and foremost like to thank past president and current COB Jane for leading us over the past two years and being such a devoted supporter of our Senate and the activities we managed over the past two years, the highlight being, of course, our Fall Frolic which was such an outstanding success. In addition, I want thank our board of the last two years - without your help we would not have achieved the successes we did.

For the coming year, I want to thank and welcome Dude Ellis and Reg Welch as Vice Presidents. Each of them will play a large role in what lies ahead of our senate this year. Steve Rowe will continue as our Treasurer, keeping a steady hand on our resources. Thanks, Steve. In addition, Rosaire Longe (and Irene) have volunteered to shepherd our Senate Scholarship Program. We also have a new Senate newsletter editor and mentor in Steve Farrington. I want to personally thank Dude, Reg, Rosaire and Stephen for stepping up and playing an active role in our Senate. I hope they will serve as a beacon to other senators who have not been active or whom we have not heard from in quite some time. We are in need of a secretary. Norma has done a wonderful job over the last several years and continues to be very active in senate activities, but she has decided to rest her writing hand - thank you, Norma. So if any senator would like to assist your senate in the role of secretary, I would be thrilled to hear from you.

I want to share my goals for the organization for the coming year:

50th Anniversary Celebration: The Vermont JCI Senate will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary as an organization in May of 2017. We have much to do in regard to this celebration. Senator Dude Ellis will play a major role in our preparation for this event. Our vision is to see as many VT JCI members as possible; in addition, we want to reach out to former Jaycees and ask that they be part of this event.

Enhanced Scholarship Program: We have a wonderful scholarship program but we have seen the number of applicants drop over the last few years. College isn’t getting any cheaper for our students, so therefore I have set a goal of increasing our $200.00 awards to $500.00 for each and every year that we can manage to do so. We are an aging group of folks, so with that in mind I would like to be proactive on this matter and distribute our resources today and in the coming years as to benefit our students of today. This can be done without us going broke, but to do so requires a much needed infusion of dollars. If you are as passionate as I am about this cause, I ask you to contact me as I need someone to spearhead this effort. We will be asking each senator to contribute $50.00 to this effort, keeping in mind that this is a tax free donation. You will be hearing more on this as we gear up for this new year.

Reinvigorating the organization: We have seen participation in our Senate dwindle over the last few years; some of this is to be expected as we are all getting wiser with each passing day. But we do so yearn to see or hear from folks just every once in a while. We are not asking you to lead the parade, but when called upon we certainly would appreciate your participation. If I or the board need to personally contact you to rekindle your friendships or to be a part of one of our social functions, let us know. We want you back! If you have been put off in any way or by anyone, we ask that you let bygones be bygones. We have all made mistakes over the course of our lifetime but putting folks off is not what we choose to do intentionally. So if any senator feels that they have been slighted in any way, please accept our sincere apology and come back to us. We would love to see you again as part of our Senate family.

As we look forward to our 50th Anniversary, we are going to make every effort to contact each one of you to have you join us. Our 50th will be in May of 2017; we have a wonderful location with many amenities; and, our festivities will be conducted over a period of Friday night, Saturday and concluding on Sunday with a traditional Bloody Mary send off. It is hoped that our supreme Bloody Mary maker Senator Gary Lazatera will be assisting with that honor. Later in this newsletter we hope to provide you with our tentative dates for this celebration. We can’t confirm the date until our bid has been accepted to host a National event in conjunction with our 50th. None the less, we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary, save the month for us and we’ll get you the precise dates.

Bob King #36581