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Vermont JCI Senate Scholarship Program

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Vermont JCI Senate Scholarship Program

The Vermont JCI Senate awards 3 $500 scholarships each year to Vermont high school seniors going on to further their education. The top two winners are submitted to the USJCI Senate Foundation Program for their scholarship judging. The third scholarship is based strictly on need. Applications are sent to the Vermont JCI Senate by January 30th . Vermont winners are notified by the end of February. Our scholarship chairperson Rosaire Longe, can be reached at the following email for other details regarding the program.

Vermont JCI Senate National Scholarship Winners

  • 1995 Sarah J. Davis
  • 1996 Rebecca Butterfield, Shannon Ellsworth
  • 1999 Michael Shahler
  • 2002 Calli Rubbins – Breer
  • 2003 Mia Midenjak
  • 2004 Andrew Cunningham
  • 2005 Amanda Dagg, Rebecca Van Horn
  • 2006 Sarah Allen

USJCI Senate Foundation Scholarship Program

Each year the US JCI Senate Foundation asks each JCI Senate organization to submit up to two scholarship applications for National consideration. At the present time the USJCI Senate Foundation awards 30 $1000 scholarships to high school seniors headed to college. National award winners are generally notified by May 1st. To download a current scholarship application please go to In addition, the Vermont JCI Senate mails a copy of the current scholarship application to each school ( public or private ) that has at least grades 9 -12.