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What is a JCI Senator?

Current Officers:

What is a J.C.I. Senator? They come in all shapes and sizes, some with grey hair, some with dark or auburn hair and some with no hair at all.

They may live in Scappone, Oregon; Coeur de Alene, Idaho; or Portland, Maine. In fact, they live in cities and towns all over the world.

They may drive Cadillacs, Fords, Toyotas or pickup trucks. Some are blue collar workers, farmers, teachers, sole proprieters, sales persons, hold professional positions or work in government jobs. Most are married and have families and own their own home. They like music, have radios and television sets and many jog while listening to country music or a symphony.

They like going to sporting events, are at home in the woods or fields while hunting or you may find them on their favorite fishing stream. They like animals and some may even end up in the dog house occassionaly. If they are United States J.C.I. Senators, you can find them on New Years Day in front of a television set, with red eyes, watching eleven hours of football. In many other countries, they watch tennis, soccer, baseball or rugby.

They are fierce competitors and hate to lose. But when they do, they can be very gracious. However , someone once said “They are magnanimous in victory ans sniveling in defeat!”

When you go into their home or offices, you will find the walls filled with plaques and awards. They have all kinds of pin collections and if you are nice to them, they may even trade, sell, or even give you a pin you have been searching for. Some are former Presidents of the United States or have held very high positions of authority in the country in which they live. Many are governors of their states or provinces. They have been the mayor or have served on the Board of Education, County Commission and are leaders in their communities.

They serve as Presidents of Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis or Fraternal Organizations. Many have served in the Armed Forces of their countries and have served with distinction.

Senators are all of the things that I have described, which are varied, but they all have several things in common.

  • First: They have all served with distinction in the Jaycee movement.
  • Second: They love life and are grateful for their blessings.
  • Third: They have been honored by their peers and have been recognized for their achievements.
  • Fourth: They are good citizens and continue to make meaningful contributions to their community, state and nation.
  • Fifth: They love the Jaycee organization and want to return the favors for the experiences they have received.
  • Sixth: They want to assist the Jaycees, but only when they are requested.
  • Seventh: They are living examples of the “Jaycee Creed”.
  • And finally, they are my friends!

George C. Fraser January 18, 1987
Borrowed , with thanks, from George C. Fraser, Oregon JCI Senate