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Fall Frolic

Current Officers:


Forty years ago come October, the first Fall Foliage Frolic was held in Brattleboro, Vermont, hosted by the Vermont JCI Senate and then President Gary Lazetera. One of the two females at that first meeting, Martha Fraser, has accompanied her husband Caleb to every Fall Frolic since. Caleb and Martha are the only ones to have attended every Frolic since the beginning.

Now fast forward to October 23 – 25, 2020. The site – The Commodores Inn, in Stowe, Vermont. The 40th Anniversary of that fateful meeting 40 years ago. Although the name changed to Fall Frolic after the second year, not much else has changed. Senators from around New England have gathered in September or October to celebrate Fall Frolic. From a small group of about 15 initially, now the attendance comes closer to 100 or more. Each year the host state tries to take things up another notch. This year’s Fall Frolic hopes to expand on that theme. We have secured a world renowned entertainer for Saturday night, and if things go as planned, Friday night hospitality will take things up that notch with the inclusion of a Vermont speciality and tradition.

We look forward to seeing many old friends as well as some new ones. The 4 main officers of the National organization will be here as well as guests from around the country. President Ariel Jones was one of the first people to commit to attending. We anticipate having about 100 attendees, not only from New England but from around the country. In addition, Dave Habershaw # 17879, who was the Region 1 VP back in 1980, one of the architects of the Fall Frolic, will be here to help celebrate.


Regretably, at the end of August 2020, our hotel for the Fall Frolic – The Commodores Inn in Stowe, pulled the plug on us hosting our event there, due to Covid – 19 issues. We immediately started working with another hotel in the Burlington area. After hearing from many possible attendees from around the country, who were concerned about the effects of Covid – 19 on persons their age, we made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Fall Frolic. Our intent is to request that Region 1 allow us to regroup and bring back our version of Fall Frolic next year.


At the Region 1 Zoom meeting on October 24, 2020, the states of Maine and Connecticut grasiously agreed to allow the VT JCI Senate to come back with the 40th

Anniversary Part 2. The Vermont Senate owes both the Maine and Connecticut Senates a huge debt of gratitude for allowing us to come back for a second try to host the 40th Anniversary of the Fall Frolic. Thanks to the other three states of Region 1 for going along with our plan to reschedule the Fall Frolic. Register Today!

Version 2 of the 40th Anniversary of the Fall Frolic will be held at the Best Western Plus Windjammer Inn and Conference Center in South Burlington, VT., the weekend of October 14 – 17, 2021. We have secured over 50 rooms in our block and look forward to a wonderful event for all those attending.


(The Beginning)
David Habershaw #17879

Looking back over the past forty years I can only remember that before I was elected VP for New England (now Region 1) I felt that some type of gathering was needed, whereby Senators from around New England could gather and socialize and rehash old Jaycee war stories. My thoughts were originally formulated in 1979 when I attended the MAI gathering. What I saw there made me realize that we needed something like this in New England.

After the election, I started putting a plan together and bounced it off of my good buddy Art Butler who was President of Rhode Island Senate at the time. He liked the idea and encouraged me to pursue it. I originally thought about doing it in Rhode Island but came to the conclusion that it might be better received if not held in my home state. I then contacted Gary Lazatera, who was President of Vermont and asked him what he thought and would the Vermont Senate be willing to host it. His response was a resounding YES!! Thus the concept and plan was initiated.

We decided to run it in Brattleboro as it was a good location and within reasonable driving distance from most of the states except Maine. It was also, reasonably close to the Hartford Intl Airport because we were going to try and encourage Senators from outside New England to attend. Getting outside Senators to come, especially National Board Members, would give the New Englanders who didn’t get to national meetings the chance to meet the leadership. (I vividly remember how great the NESJC program was for the Jaycees throughout New England).

After hotel and other arrangements were made, the job of promoting it came. This would be my job and to start, I wrote and called every Senate President in New England and event sent notices out to Senate Groups in nearby MAI. As a VP I also attended the Executive Committee Meeting (now BOD Meeting) held by President Ray Noxsel in Long Beach, CA. I gave a full presentation to the Committee and invited all to come to the first Fall (Foliage) Frolic. (Foliage was dropped after the 2nd one.) President Noxsel committed to coming, thus he was the 1st president to attend and to the best of my knowledge, every president since has attended. (This was a side objective of my plan: to have a sitting president visit New England.)

When the date arrived, I admit I was a nervous wreck, like an expectant Father waiting for the 1st born. I have to give Gary and Art a great deal of credit, they kept me from imploding. Finally, the day arrived; I’m not sure of the actual date but I think it was just after Columbus Day Weekend because we were able to get good rates for the hotel after that date. After everyone checked in, we had a total registration of 17 Senators and spouses. From MA – 7; RI – 2; NH – 1; VT – 3; CT – 1; plus 3 National Officers – Noxsel (Pres); Hall (Treas); Hayward (Intl VP – although he actually was from MA). The two females were Martha Fraser (been to every frolic since) and another lady whom I don’t remember her name. We had a great time socializing in a makeshift hospitality room, did a little touring, and went to dinner at a local eatery. All in all, everyone enjoyed themselves.

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with the turnout, thinking there would be more attending. But I was really encouraged when the Mass Senate stepped up on Saturday and said they would run it again the next year and chose Springfield, which they did. And it’s been going and growing every year for the past forty years. To say that I’m gratified is an understatement. Everything that I envisioned with this event has come true. Our New England Senators are truly a Number 1 Region.